For a Muse of Fire

On what wings did he aspire?

What the hand, dare sieze the fire?

It seems at this point almost easier to begin with the ending of it all.


What the hammer? what the chain? In what furnace was thy brain?

On what wings did he aspire?

To recap,

This past session (2/28) the players were attacked on the roof of a church, the assailants appear to have been under the hire of the Order of Reason, and then continued on the quest to find Mr. Chase Winchester in the North. The station had a surprise for Mrs. Morrisson and Herr Morlang in the form of a telegram informing the two that they have been cut off from the Order of Reason and forbidden from journeying to Madras, where the party should have been heading many weeks ago. Leaving the “Party Wagon” the group headed north into the Cashmere region of northern India, heading to the meteorological station in the area upon the lead of the sighting of the Airship commandeered by Mr. Winchester. After a brief respite in the clouded haven, the group used a weather balloon to gently float down to the nearby valley where the ship was said to have seen heading.

After a quick battle plan, the combined forces of Herr Morlang and mr. Rutabaga(or however he spells it ~N), equipped with a hardsuit and flamer, snuck into the town, searching for the downed airship. Upon arriving, Morlang sent Mr. Rutabaga to gather the party and meet him at the temple, but a complication arose with some large shaved men, the name of which I’m presently forgetting.

After a bit of a tiff and the entrance of an unspeakable horror to the town, Mr. Rutabaga continued to the temple while Morlang, Mrs. Morrisson and the unspeakable horror continued the fight.

Inside the temple, the true reason for Mr. Rutabaga’s equipment emerged. A fight ensued with Mr. Winchester running to confront Morlang who by this time had grown bored of waiting and begun killing the villagers. In Mr. Winchester’s wake, the temple burned to the ground. Life’s funny, huh.

In the ensuing fight Mr. Winchester became frozen due to a very stupid fish and some blunt trauma to the head. The party boarded the airship, piloted by Mrs. Winchester, and began the long trip to Madras, where they should have been going two weeks ago.

End Scene ~N

On what wings did he aspire?

To summarize the end of the chronicle in short, we blew up the Niffelheim and killed Ozymann.

And for this, we have earned Waffles.

On what wings did he aspire?

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