Herr Morlang Von Wolfhausen of Osterreich

Standing 7' 4" tall, Morlang is a Duke and a Giant. Hates brown people of various shades. Was recently Exploded.


Nature: Monster, Demeanor: Bravo

Stats Str:5 (Specialization:Throwing), Dex:4 (Specialization:Sprinting), Stam:5 (Specialization:Disease Resistance, Endurance), Cha:2 Mani:2 App:3 Percep:3 Int:2 Wits:3

Skills Brawl:4(Specialization: Grappling), Melee:5(Specialization: Greatswords, Greathammers), Athletics: 4(Specialization: Tumbling), Awareness:2, Alertness:4(specialization: Undetermined), Intimidation:3, Crafts:2, Etiquette:1, Leadership:2, Ride:1, Stealth:1, Academics:1, Enigmas:1, Law:1, Linguistics:1, Politics:1

Backgrounds Resources:3, Requisition:4, Ally:3,

Merits Huge size

Flaws Short Fuse, One-eyed, Bigot:2, noteriety:2

Willpower: 6, Arete:0

Notes: One point of permanent paradox from an Implanted Automata(+1 Dex)


Born into a position of Nobility, Morlang Ascended into control of his father’s duchy after the late Duke was killed on a mission for the noble Order of Reason. Before he died, the Duke gave Morlang the family armor and family sword, with the hopes of returning to claim them. When the Duke’s body returned Morlang accused the turks(notoriously brown in color) for his death. Sadly(for the Turks) that meant a killing rampage as his duchy happens to be fully surrounded and filled by said turks. And so his wife has sent Morlang to join the Order of Reason and get some space from the carnage.

Morlang joined the party in London, and has deeply enjoyed every slaughter filled moment since.

Sadly, he died in a giant explosion, the details of which should be highly classified, if they arn’t already. The full consequences of this have yet to be determined, but he has lost both the family armor and the family Sword during the attack by the hated Brown People, and, Morlang believes, the Spanish. As they say, ‘No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!’

Except Morlang.

Herr Morlang Von Wolfhausen of Osterreich

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